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Sliding Aids

Wood is Good!
Many players still slide with an ASHAM 8-ender hair broom or a BROWNIE brush while sweeping with newer technology.
ReThredz modifies a "Performance" type brush so you get the best of both worlds!  
It is hard to replace the stability and feel of a wooden head!
Other models available as well as special solutions for special needs!.

Sound booths

Any size or shape,

custom features, lighting, ventilation needs


BAG Industries

custom wakeskates

Sweeping as a "Black Art" 

There are almost as many theories about sweeping as there are sweepers! Some scientifically measured, but most endorsed (or not) by on ice results and player perception.
ReThredz will work with you to configure a broomhead that suits you. Having the tools you want in your hands gives you the confidence to play your best! 


"ReThredz has worked with me to deliver the custom curling heads I've wanted. Choice of fabrics, design and profile of heads, knowledgeable and easy to work with. ReThredz has improved my game!"

~ Chris Fulton

"Our ice is noticeably cleaner since we've adopted ReThredz' club brush maintenance program! Our members notice the improvement and our ice maker loves us!"

~ Paul Adams

YOUR EXPERIENCE is Our focus  

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